More Entries Make It Through (2:22 Monday)

LEDgend Lights Solo

LEDgend Lights Sport Men Team

Rebecca Ezard Solo

Richard Ezard Solo

Simon Cook Solo

Oxted MTB - It's All Her Fault Mixed Team

Oxted MTB - 'ard Core Sport Men Team

Oxted MTB - Plates and Screws Sport Men Team

James Spears Solo

The Sherry Blenders Sport Men Team

Chase Me Open Men Team

Stephen Day Solo

Ronald Gilmour Solo

George Thompson Solo

MMB Newts Nine Speeders Sport Mixed Team

MMB Cookies Monsters Sport Mixed Team

MMB Brant Richards is Watching Sport Mixed Team

MMB Tom's Terrors Sport Men Team

Manchester Uni. Sport Men Team

Manchester Rude Boyz Sport Men Team

TS Energy Legs Sport Men Team

The Kinesis Morvelo Project Sport Mixed Team

Team Horror Cat Again Sport Men Team

Richard Naylar Solo

Moonglu Sport Men Team

Moonglu Mixed Sport Mixed Team

Nick Chawtray Solo

John Belson Solo

Andy Harker Solo

Psychlosport Year 10 Open Men Team

Psychlosport Psychos Open Men Team

Psychlosport Psycotics Sport Mixed Team

Lumicycle Leicester Off Road Sport Men Team

Bad Brains Oldies Sport Men Team

Dharma Bums on Saddles Sport Men Team

Staffs Police A Sport Men Team

Staffs Police B Sport Mixed Team

Team Jess Sport Men Team

Team Decaldithon Sport Men Team

Will Beresford Solo

Not the Committee Sport Men Team

Dave Saunders Solo

Jonathan Dexter Solo

Lanai Chain pullers Open Men Team

HRC Sport Men Team

Duckinfield CC Sport Men Team

Whitakers Signs Open Men Team

Shredtopia Sport Men Team

Too F'Arbor Low Sport Men Team

Nicky Dick Solo


Maybe its time to sleep now (4am)

Julie Greengrass : Richard Naylar : Shona Oldfield
Our last three riders make the trip on road bikes from Glossop and Oldham
Another room full of people entering teams and solo riders (2:15)

Simon Came From Surrey (2:00)

Simon drove up from Surrey and once he made it to Buxton had to find the highest point to dowload the entry form's and then filled them in with his hand make cake in hand.

We have our first rider in with his entry form (1:50)

Tin Tin came down to meet his other team mates the Grimiey Lymies

Grimey Lymies Are first to enter (12:45)
They printed off the forms and drove from stoke-on-trent to get the first 6 teams into race.
Application Form Is Live (12:00)
get printing
Kettles On (11:45)

Kettles on and we are still up awaiting the morning entries.


Mountain Mayhem 2010 Entries Go Live

All entries to Mountain Mayhem 2010 go live at midnight Sunday the 28th of Febuary 2010, we will be up again at Pats house awaiting those eager riders that will drive and even ride to get entries in at stupid o'clock just to make sure they have got a ride.

With the kettle at the ready and photographer Rob Crayton on hand to get some images through the night. post will be put onto here from 11pm to early Monday morning.

People who make it to Pats will be posted here live to show teams that have got a spot. The entry form will be available to download from here

Pats Home Address:

Vein Cottage
Near Longnor
SK17 0LG

Original Source Mountain Mayhem 2009
Original Source Mountain Mayhem 2009